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our history

Teremat was founded by 2 companies that decided to join efforts in achieving the higher purpose of reducing the need to exploit new virgin materials from the earth.
Representatives from ZE Group Ventures and MG Technik met each other via common contacts with the Slovak University of Technology - Trnava. Very soon after the first contacts it was clear that both companies were pursuing the same purpose of increasing sustainability in the field of raw materials.
Offices and a full scale lab were established on the campus of the technical university in Trnava as the close cooperation with the university was essential to make a breakthrough to develop such processes that can be applied on industrial scale.

Our Purpose

The earth has been exploited a lot with our constant hunger for raw materials. Often raw materials are used to produce goods which later are disposed via landfill or incinerators without truly re-using the raw materials that were used to produce these goods, Instead of constantly digging up virgin materials from the earth, we create and offer technologies that allow the high quality recycling of materials from existing products, in order to reduce the need for exploiting new raw materials from the earth.
To clarify, we are not into finding a creative second life of materials, which is valuable, yet not truly circular use of materials. We want to truly create technologies or find ways to apply existing technologies so that materials can be re-used for their original purpose and by that reduce the need for adding virgin raw materials .
To achieve this purpose we believe it is important to connect the academic environment with the industry to speed up this high quality recycling thinking with concrete technologies and applications. Through our close cooperation with the Slovak University of Technology and particulary the Faculty of Materials and Technologies in city of Trnava, we want to play an active role in connecting these two worlds.

Our offer

We offer technologies that allow high quality recycling of materials in order to reduce the need to exploit further virgin raw materials.
The intention of these technologies is to allow the recycling process to be applied on products where the recycled materials can be recuperated to be re-used for the original application. This is what we call HIGH QUALITY recycling.
While we are working on several potential processes, a first concrete process that is getting ready to be used is EID (Electric Impulse Discharge).
The process that we offer uses Electric Impulse Discharge to separate materials with a very high purity.
One of the applications is the recycling of laminated glass, where through the EID technology it is possible to separate the glass from the reinforcement foil, without grinding the whole thing into small pieces. This allows to have as well the glass as the foil in high purity state and thus possible to be re-used for the original application of laminated glass.

our team

Teremat is founded by 2 companies that decided to join efforts in achieving the higher purpose of reducing the need to exploit new virgin materials from the earth.
Our team consists of senior people with a strong technology and business background, in an international context.


Founding member of ZE Group Ventures.
Martin has a strong technology background (with a focus on New Product and Process Development and Innovation) and has worked and lived in Belgium, Slovakia, USA and Brazil.

+421 904 788 655


Milan Gažík

Milan is the owner of MG Technik s.r.o. where he used his technical and managerial skills to cooperate with companies in Germany, France, Italy. Recently he founded a scientific research cluster for new technologies especially in industry.

+421 905 476 174


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